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Why Chiropractic?

Why NOT Chiropractic? Your health is your most valuable possession. It’s totally up to you to maintain and care for your body and your health.  Chiropractic is the best head start you can give your body to a long and healthy life.  Chiropractic is 100% natural! It doesn’t add anything to your body and it doesn’t take anything out of your body. Chiropractic does one simple thing… it helps your body function on a higher level by giving your body more information. A body with more information functions better than a body with less information.

You might be wondering how Chiropractic can give your body more information?  It’s simple, Chiropractic removes the interference to the nerve system that runs your body.  Right now your heart is beating.  Do you have to think about it to get your heart to beat?  Of course not.  Your heart is beating because your nerve system is telling it to.  As long as your heart is receiving 100% information from your nerve system, your heart beats normally. If your heart is not receiving 100% information then your heart will eventually react with high or low blood pressure, skipping beats or other problems.

Chiropractors evaluate the whole spine and all the nerves that come out between each of spinal bones for function.  If the spine, and the nerve system that lives in it, are functioning properly then so are you.  If the spine and nerve system are not functioning properly then neither are you. Chiropractors make adjustments to the spine to allow a greater flow of information to the body.

What is an Adjustment?

An adjustment is a gentle realigning of a spinal bone that has shifted out of its optimal position.  When a spinal bone shifts out of place a few things happen.  The muscles and ligaments that hold the spine together get stressed and strained, your body reacts to protect the area with a cushion of fluid called edema and most importantly, the flow of information from your nerve system decreases. This whole process is called a subluxation.  When the spinal bone shifts out of place and puts pressure on the nerve or pinches the nerve, it can hurt.  It’s the pain of a misaligned or subluxated spinal bone that brings people to the Chiropractor.water

When the misaligned bone is adjusted back into proper position the pain begins to subside: this is where people get the notion that Chiropractors are pain doctors.  Although the pain goes away as a result of what we do, the goal of a Chiropractor is not to decrease your pain, but to increase your function.

What is Subluxation?

A subluxation occurs when a spinal bone moves out of it’s optimal position and puts pressure on a spinal nerve.

Each spinal vertebra is designed to provide a specific amount of movement to the body and protect the spinal nerve as it transmits specific information to the body.  When the spinal vertebra is in a less than optimal position it forces the spinal disc to compensate for the altered position.  When a spinal disc is forced to shift away from its normal, level state it is called a disc bulge.  If the shifting of the disc is severe enough it is called a disc herniation.  Disc bulges and herniations push into the canal where the nerve transmits information to the body.  This puts pressure on the nerve and “pinches” the nerve.  When the nerve flow is interrupted by a misplaced vertebra and a bulging disc, the information the nerve is transmitting to the body becomes unclear.  When a nerve has pinching pressure on it you are receiving less than 100% information to your body.

When unclear information is being transmitted to the body, it becomes unclear how to work effectively.  Your body will always do the best it can with the information it receives; but your body needs a nerve system that transmits 100% information to be 100% healthy.

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