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Please allow me to introduce myself; I am Carol Iaizzi, and I am a Chiropractor.  My journey into Chiropractic began when I was 16 years old.  As a high school student I began working for a Chiropractor as a receptionist.  My boss, who was a Chiropractor, told me that in order for me to be a part of his office I had to have my spine evaluated and get adjusted.  At that time I had no idea what an adjustment was.  I had no idea that my life was about to change.

drcarolFor years, I had suffered with a seizure disorder that mimicked Epilepsy.  Some seizures were severe and would drop me to my knees with hyperventilation, body spasms and “blacking out”, while other seizures were mild with disorientation and dizziness.  These seizures were a daily occurrence and had become a normal part of my life.  Looking back on this now..how could anyone accept falling down and passing out as a normal part of life?  Somehow, for me, it was just a part of who I was.  My birth had been a traumatic one; I was born in a breech presentation.   Excessive rotation occurred in the upper part of my neck, as the doctors tried to free me from my mother, and I was left with my neck in a very unstable and misaligned position; complicated by a tremendous amount of pressure on my nerve system.  As a result of my birth trauma my health had never been great.  As a child, I was sick all the time, with strep throats, sinus infections and fevers: I even had favorite flavors when it came to my liquid antibiotics.  The day I got my first Chiropractic adjustment everything changed.

As my Chiropractor began to clear the pressure and interference to my nervous system everything started to improve.  My seizures became less traumatic and less frequent and after a few months they stopped all together.  I have had Chiropractic in my life ever since.  It was my life changing experience that led me to become a Chiropractor.

In June of 1992 I graduated from Life University in Marietta, GA.  I began a family practice 22 years ago and still love going to the office.  I utilize the Gonstead Method of analysis and adjusting, a low force specific technique, that is biomechanically sound.  My office is specially geared to families, children and pregnant women.  I studied under Dr. Larry Webster, and am certified in Webster Technique. While at Life University I learned so much about the importance of a properly aligned pelvis during pregnancy to facilitate a natural child birth.   Once the child is born, proper spinal alignment and reducing spinal birth trauma through Chiropractic is the very best way to give your child a head start to a healthy life.  I wish my parents had taken me to a Chiropractor from day one!

I have an incredible husband and three awesome children. My children were all born at home and have been checked and aligned since they took their first breath.  They are the healthiest children I know. This is why I have centered my practice around families and children.  How we start this life affects how we will finish.  I am passionately dedicated to assisting families in living a drug free, strong healthy life through Chiropractic.

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